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At ELEMENT, we understand that people are more and more excited to find a wide variety of experiences, from engaging strength and cardio equipment to working out in a beautiful and positive space. That is why we invested in premium exercise equipment and interior design, creating a place that addresses your passions, aspirations, and fitness goals. 


ELEMENT prides itself in providing sophisticated state of the art exercise equipment with innovative technology. Our equipment uses touch screen technology with a range of intuitive tools and features to keep clients engaged and motivated during workouts. Members can easily track biometrics and activity levels through apps, wearables and the equipment itself. ELEMENT'S strength and cardio equipment ensures personalized training through an innovative digital experience.


Our touch screen cardio consoles offer countless entertainment options such as:


  • Sessions - personalized on-demand exercise video content led by premium trainers

  • Routines -  goal and intensity specific guided exercises

  • Outdoor Virtual Training - simulating virtual and immersive courses set in nature and cities

  • Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, and social media outlets in the most vivid definition and vibrant colors. 

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Technogym Pro_3792_V2.jpg


Included in every ELEMENT membership is a Mywellness account. It is our digital application platform where members follow trainer prescribed programs, track outdoor activities and daily movement data, and log into our exercise machines with preferred entertainment, apps, and website selections.

Come experience our revolutionary range of exercise equipment. Training that is more personalized, fun and motivating. 


Members enjoy spotless, modern, and private restrooms with high-end amenities to complete the training experience. Cold Eucalyptus towels stimulate the senses while rejuvenating the body. The chic lounge allows members to relax and fully embody Being In Their Element.


This is your own private fitness sanctuary. ELEMENT was designed with you in mind. Here you have the privacy of spreading your wings and get completely in tune with your body. Enjoy working out in a non-crowded environment, in comfort and tranquility, while rewarding your accomplishments in the process. Our cap on memberships guarantees this. 


When we prioritize what it means to be clean, our members can focus on a great workout and staying healthy. That’s why we invested in airPHX technology.


This marvelous system provides 24 hour coverage against bacteria and viruses, generating sanitized air. AirPHX devices produce a proprietary blend of Reactive Oxygen Species. While these gas molecules occur naturally in most environments, airPHX produces a unique mixture that is effective in sanitizing our studio in an organic and safe manner. The result is continuous sanitization of ambient air and all surfaces.


We are also proud of our associate cleaning approach. This system ensures that all equipment, accessories and spaces are instantaneous disinfected with not lag times. We accept the challenge to always pursue innovative and rigorous cleaning systems to keep our members and team safe and healthy. 

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