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Our Process




Individualized Approach to Goal Setting

Your journey of transformation begins with a complete assessment.


During this part of the meeting, our distinguished trainers gather valuable information about your health and exercise history, sleep and stress patterns, nutritional habits, musculoskeletal limitations and discuss your objectives and goals. Depending on your goals and needs, a body composition scan can be performed to generate starting measurements and a posture analysis.

Getting to know you on a personal level, allows us to guide you more precisely.


Expertise and Professionalism

Based on your assessment results, your trainer will explain the components of a well structured health and fitness program that will allow you to attain your goals.

Establishing a safe timeline allows you to visualize a path for success. During this part of the consultation, our experts will make a recommendation of weekly training frequency and present package options depending on your preference. There is no pressure in joining and singing up, our main goal is to present options.


Every person is unique and valued, so no one program is alike.



personal training

Personal Training

Once a training schedule is set and times are reserved with your trainer, the fun starts!


Your fitness trainer will provide quality individualized training and guidance to achieve your personal best. Our trainers excel at demonstrating proper exercise technique and mind to muscle connection, keeping you engaged and focused. We understand that everyone has a different starting point, so we meet you where you are at with safe gradual progressions. 


To sustain progress, our personal trainers design detailed individualized workouts that each member can do on their own. Nutrition programming and muscle recovery therapy is encouraged to help keep members moving forward toward their goals.


Creating A Lifestyle  

At ELEMENT, our main objective is to provide extensive health and fitness resources so that reaching your goals is much more attainable. We take the guess work and trial and error out and help you stay consistent along the way. We work hard so that your ELEMENT experience creates a lifelong dedication to health improvement.


This is what fulfills us every day. 

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